Yolanda Resume

Strong in technical leadership and people management; focus on execution and deliver software project on schedule and on budget; strong knowledge in software project cycle as well as software lifetime operation.

Serials Solutions (a division of ProQuest LLC), Seattle, WA 2004 – 2009

Director of Technology

    • Led a 50-people technology team in developing hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) for a subscription-based e-resource access and management (ERAMS) for libraries; provided technical leadership to support business revenue from $5M to $34M.

    • Restructured software organization, redefined development process, formed a formal IT department and a program management team; promoted rapid development methods (which includes scrum, agile and mixed waterfall methodology) to synchronize business priorities, create product roadmap, and establish reliable technical deliverable.

    • Led the transition from ASP modules to integrated and interoperable applications in federated search, Open URL, e-resource management and assessment; resulting in revenue increase from existing customers and new market.

    • Technical due-diligence in acquire and merge WebFeat, Inc., integrate with Ulrich’s system, link with ProQuest global network, and move multiple colo facilities.

    • Evaluated and established 2 offshore development teams; built the development framework resulting in high productivity and lower cost for the offshore teams.

    • Understood R&D cost in Finance, built a low cost and efficient software capitalization tracking method with monthly accounting report; built ROI tracking for software projects.

WildTangent Inc., Redmond, WA 2001 - 2002

Vice President of Engineering

    • Led a 55-people engineering team for developing Client/Server-based Internet delivery technology, e-commerce, and web storefront as well as implementing 3D multimedia API and tools.

    • Evaluated and completed e-commerce system with integrated solution for selling 3D-web games online through PC OEM and portal partnerships.

    • Led the implementation of DRM (Digital Rights Management) system for easy add-on to online web games; monitored gaming network to protect the software rights.

    • Re-architected on-line update, system checking, network diagnosis and channel management software for 25M end users.

    • Rebuilt IT Operation team; deployed new databases and Windows Server systems resulting in meeting high availability and scalability requirements for Internet/web business, such as Fox Sports Hit the Pros project.

DeepCanyon Company, Seattle, WA, 2000

Vice President of Engineering

    • Led a 30-people engineering team including Program Management, Software Development, QA, IS&IT, and Digital Inventory Pipeline for implementing web crawler, storefront, digital document conversion/management, and weekly website publishing.

    • Reduced weekly deployment cost and increased operation efficiency by centralize server solution; optimize network components, and allocate resource storage.

    • Led Program Management Team on implemented staging project deliveries and milestones, risk management; exercised on rapid product development technique; built intranet to increase project transparency and provide additional communication channels within different groups.

    • Supervised IT Team on NOC, Site IT, Monitoring, Site Management, database management, and Network Architecture.

InstantService.com, Seattle, WA 1999 - 2000

Vice President of Engineering

    • Led a 12-people engineering team including Software Development, QA, Program Management, and Network Operation for building Internet-based real-time customer service software and infrastructure using ASP model.

    • Focus and implemented projects of a low-cost real-time Call Center interactive customer support on web by implementing Internet Chat protocol, integrating with CRM systems, compatible with existing call center software, and building Enterprise software in ASP model.

    • Initiated and managed product cycle and customer feedback channel; started company intranet to provide additional communication between groups in critical information; identified business and customer matrices for executive team and investors to present session.com business model.

SPRYNET, (a division of AOL), Seattle,WA 1991-1998

Director of Engineering and Software Development

    • Managed 50-people engineering team including Network Client/Server Development, and Network Server System Integration for designing and implementing ISP acquisition tool with highly customizable features, and integrating products for OEM customization partnerships.

    • Led the first Internet Value-Added-on-Resale (VAR) product focus team; proposed a single disk solution for ISP acquisition tool and OEM partners resulting in reduced customer acquisition cost and increased customer sign-up rate.

    • Managed the Web development team on Web registration, Best Access Pop (BAP) lookup, JavaChat, Home Page Publishing Wizard, and Web email projects.

    • Led network client development team to achieved a record of customization/OEM releases of 41 release builds in a day.

    • Designed and implemented the first commercially accepted Internet home suite product (Internet In A Box), resulting a software revenue of $1M per month plus continuing monthly subscription revenue.

ACER Computer Inc., Taiwan 1988 - 1989

Software Engineer

Citibank Corporation, CSG Group, Taipei, Taiwan 1987 - 1988

System/Network Administrator


MS, Computer Science, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 1989-1991

BS, Computer Science, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan 1983-1987